Patterns of Social and Ethnic Residential Segregation Among Social Groups & Ethnic Minorities

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Residential segregation can be explained as special appearance of social inequality, unequal distribution of social, ethnic, etc. groups. The spatial objective reflection of the complicated system of social relation can interpret the socio-economic structure of the city, and the allocation of different social groups. Appears in space in segregation curve where higher and lower social classes are much different at social hierarchy. The segregation indicates of the social groups at the very bottom of the social hierarchy were significantly lower than those of the top social group, and the segregation curve has the -shape.
Due to the fact
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The lack of housing choices for minorities have meant that the quality of suburbanization that they have achieved is distinctly different than that achieved by more advantage groups. For ethnical minorities the freedom to choose where they wish to live is simply not a reality. For example, in the USA black suburbanization is characterized by expansion of the urban ghetto population to areas just outside city limits African Americans are the most residentially segregated racial or ethnic group in America Regardless of their socioeconomic status, they are forced to persevere without the same equal housing opportunities as white Americans.
Residential ethnical segregation was developed through discriminatory policies and local acts of racism. Federal and local government housing discrimination, private discrimination, and exclusionary zoning practices have resulted in the continuation of intentional discrimination against minorities, many of whom still remain disenfranchised members of society. The devastating effects of residential ethnical discrimination on the quality of life for minority families and for culture at large represent the importance of initiating policies to integrate residential neighborhoods. Without the efforts of integration, the negative effects of decades of bigoted housing policies will be exacerbated, therefore perpetuating the existence of segregation and racial division.
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