Patton Fuller Community Hospital - Network Assignment Essay

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Patton Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) has been a not for profit healthcare facility since 1975 with a focus on providing the highest quality of healthcare. PFCH specializes in the following services; emergency medical care, specialized surgical procedures, baby delivery and prenatal care, physical therapy, and has a well-established radiology department. Being one of the primary healthcare facilities in their area, PFCH has raised the bar by providing a diverse selection of health programs that support the local community. This paper will review the current business systems in place, suggest improvements and provide how those changes could overall improve PFCH, both internally and externally.
PFCH has implemented an extremely unique
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Within PFCH, the Radiology Group leverages these technologies to view the interior of the physical human, enabling them to provide both diagnosis and treatment. The graphical capability as well as the ease of use that the Apple Macintosh operating systems provide PFCH’s staff not only the ability to support the growing need of MRI’s (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT Scanning (Computed Tomography) also known as Cat Scan, Projection Radiography, Mammography, PET Scanning (Positron Emission Tomography) as well as Sonograms. PFCH currently employs Modality Viewing Stations and two Apple 30 inch monitors.
The second system within PFCH is the OsiriX (OsiriX, 2010) imaging software. OsiriX is the primary application employed for the Modality Viewing Stations in the Radiology department for PFCH. OsiriX is application, which processes the imagery and is ultimately designed to capture, manage, maintain, view and print the imagery. OsiriX as well transmits Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine or DICOM images produced by various other medical imagery equipment. This equipment includes Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Positron Emission Tomography, and the other various medical imagery technologies. Ultimately DICOM has a unique file format definition and leverages a network communications protocol that uses TCP/IP
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