Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project
Harold Copeland
Dean Mcintyre

Company Overview Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a community hospital that provides healthcare services designed to meet the needs of patients at every stage of life. The hospital was originally founded in 1975. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has been an important part of the community since its opening. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is located on the corner of 61st. Street and Jump Street (Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, 2013). Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has provided quality healthcare services for the entire family since its opening while keeping its patients information and data secure even in this current
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These two layers perform routing and deals with end to end issues. The hospital currently uses a CISCO ASA 5510-VPN router to connect to the internet. Finally the session layer, presentation layer, and application work together to make the network operational. These three layers actually make all the data be visible to the end users. These layers also make the data and network usable to the operator. Patton-Fuller utilizes Windows Explorer and its company’s webpage for these layers (Patton-Fuller, 2013).
Recommended Protocols For Patton-Fuller to fully utilize their potential networking power, the following protocols should be utilized. Patton-Fuller should utilize a Gigabyte Ethernet Network for all its hardwired LAN connections. Gigabyte Ethernet is part of the family of Ethernet computer networking and communication standards. The Gigabit Ethernet standard supports a theoretic data rate of 1 gigabit per second. Gigabyte Ethernet networks are connected by CAT5e and CAT6 cabling (Gigabit Ethernet, 2013). The Gigabyte Ethernet network should be accomplished by using layer 3 switch. A layer 3 switch is a high-performance device for network routing. Layer 3 switches actually differ very little from routers. A Layer 3 switch can support the same routing protocols as network routers do. Both inspect incoming packets and make dynamic routing decisions based on the source and destination addresses inside. Layer 3 switches improve on the performance of routers
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