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Week Three Individual Paper Patton- Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project CMGT 554/IT Infrastruct In week’s three individual dissection of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Department, I will discuss three topics that will help with a better understanding of the Hospital’s Networking Department. During the first topic, a complete analysis will be completed on the network systems in use. While covering the second topic, discussion on what standards may be missing from the Hospital’s current network. During last topic, I will identify the Hospital’s wireless technology in currently in use and how it may enhance the hospitals network. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital currently uses a Local Area Network (LAN) standard…show more content…
Personal within the Administrative Areas that are only responsible for data entry are given Thin Client Computer: HP model L1706. The Administrative Departments have two networked HP 4350 Black and White Laser Printers and one color HP 4200pht networked Laser Printer. The Administrative Department is then linked to the IT Data Center where in the IT Date Center; connections are established with servers and the internet. This circuit will be discussed later in this paper. The second half of the Hospitals network is the clinical Departments. The Clinical Departments that make up this circuit are: Radiology, Radiology Information Systems Data Center (RIS), Operating Room (OR), Intensive Clear Unit (ICU), and the Ward Floor Systems (Apollo, 2008). The Clinical Areas of the Hospital network standards is a 1000 Base F single mode fiber, Fiber Optic cable. Just as the Administrative Departments, in the Radiology Department, each Department has their own workstations. In the Radiology Department, there are seven different viewing stations, MRI, CT, X-Ray, Mammograms, PET, Nuclear Medicine, and Sonography. Each one of these station consist of a Apple Mac Pro, 2-3 GHz quad processors, 16GB RAM, 4 + 750 MD HD in RAID, Nividia FX 4500 Image Card, 2 Apple 30” Cinema Flat panel Displays, OsiriX Imaging Software, OS Virtualization with MAC OS X

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