Paul Bloom's Speech: Can Prejudice Ever Be A Good Thing?

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Introduction This document is a critique on the Paul Bloom persuasive speech on topic “Can prejudice ever be a good thing?” Paul Bloom has presented this talk at official Ted conference and it was featured at January 2014. Paul Bloom is a professor of psychology and cognitive science at Yale University. Paul Bloom has a different opinion about prejudice. He said prejudice is often natural and rational thing. He discussed several stories and examples along with pictures in this Ted talk. In this document the author will critically review few points mentioned by Paul Bloom. The first point he mentioned that stereotyping can be good for the people. The second point is how the skin colors of people increase prejudice or biases. Finally the author…show more content…
We often make guesses about the people by knowing their looks and name. He claimed that most of the time those guesses are right and without those guesses we can’t survive. But the stereotyping often encourages prejudiced nature and biasing at workplace. Many male candidates are rejected for front office interviews at service industries. For example in airline industry the women are preferred over men for front office responsibilities. Similarly the ‘window workers’ at McDonald are often females (Gustavsson, 2005). Similarly the males are preferred over females in sales job because people think that more physical stamina are required in the sales job. Paul was in favor of stereotyping but in my opinion the stereotyping at workplace promotes prejudice behavior. Paul didn’t highlight the stereotyping at workplace and its effect on different genders. Paul tried to look the stereotyping from social prospective but the stereotyping at workplace has set certain different standards for males and females. In his persuasive speech Paul has presented his views that stereotyping necessary to deal with daily encounters but he didn’t give any example how stereotyping promotes biasing at workplace. It is true that stereotyping helps in categorization in social life and categorization can be the quickest and most efficient way of processing the information. Categorization also help in understanding the social world and predict the behaviors of group members (Araya, 2003). Stereotyping can help in categorization but it can’t be beneficial in this modern

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