Paul Donovan 's Views Of Christology And Soteriology

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Vincent Donovan was an out of the box thinker when he traveled to the Masai people in hopes to spread the gospel in hopes that these people would become Christian. In this paper it will address hindrance that Donovan faced, his views of Christology and soteriology in relation to the Christian faith perspective, and my own views on how well I believe that Donovan portrayed Christianity.
One of the biggest hindrances for Donovan while dealing with the Masia was the culture difference in how situations were handled. As stated by Donovan (1995) “with these Africans the purpose of words is not to establish logical truth, but to set up social relationships with others.” (p. 23) Donovan goes on to explain a story where in Masia culture they are
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He also ran the fear that if a majority of the community rejects Christianity then he would lose the fence sitters to peer pressure to not believe in Christianity. As Donovan (1995) states “A community…will act as a unit, accepting you or rejecting you together… it is not possible or desirable to convert the Masai as individuals, but it is possible to evangelize them as groups.”
A second hindrance for Donovan was getting the Masia people to listen to his preaching of Christianity without receiving anything for it. The Masia people were very accustomed to missionaries bringing things in order to bribe the people to accept Christianity. He was aware of this set back from the beginning and how this shadows the true story of Jesus and what Christianity is about at the core. Donovan made it clear at this first meeting with the people of his true intentions while preaching.
Along the same lines of not listening to Donovan, making sure that the Masai had “a mind free of preconceptions… there is no other way to deal with the subject that is so strange to us.” (Donovan, 1995). This was hard to do because of the past history of the Catholic church coming to the Masai people. Donovan had to fight the expectations they held of his visit and reset their minds to take in the knowledge and information that Donovan wanted to teach.
The illiteracy of the Masai people deemed to also be a very big hindrance to Donovan. He had to
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