Paul Fleischm Nature And Life

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Paul Fleischman: Nature and Life Antonio Aloia, Caitlyn Coolidge, Sarah Gill, Kim Hudson, Jasselli Luna "Birds don 't live alone, I told myself. They live in flocks. Like people. People are always in a group. Like that little wooden band. And whenever there 's a group, there 's fighting. If the people in the group get along, maybe they make good music instead of arguing....That 's how life is. I stared at that marching band. Then I got in the car and drove home” (Whirligig 62). This quote from Paul Fleischman’s Whirligig shows the reader his artful way of connecting nature to the human element; a way for those observing nature to learn from it. Throughout various pieces of Fleischman 's work, an insightful use of nature is used to help…show more content…
Another way the author uses nature to show rebirth is in this quote from Whirligig: “His [Brent] second life had eclipsed his first” (34). Here, when some people think of the word eclipse, they would think of a solar or lunar eclipse, an overlap. The moon passes in front of the sun, overlapping their orbits. This is much like starting a rebirth process, or, in Brent’s case, redemption. By the end of summer, for both characters, they have completed their rebirth cycle. In Weslandia, the end of the summer marks the beginning to Wesley’s new person: “In September, Wesley returned to school…he had no shortage of friends” (29-31). The same is for Brent, where he becomes a new person as well as comes to terms with himself for what he has done to Lea: “The guilt hadn’t magically vanished overnight … he knew it would reside in him like the ashes after a fire, unconsumed” (Whirligig 131-32). Though his guilt remains, he is learning how to cope with it in a better way than he did in the beginning of the book. Another form of nature that Fleischman uses to show rebirth is in his book Seedfolks, where he uses the garden. The community in Seedfolks is a very bad neighborhood and the garden that Kim starts to plant slowly
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