Paul Gauguin : A Father

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Paul Gauguin: a brother, son, uncle, father and most importantly a Stockbroker. Paul Gauguin who would be later described as an amazingly famous Impressionist Artist kicked off his life being a stockbroker in the year of 1880-1886. He was birthed by two extraordinary parents Clovis Gauguin, a journalist, and Alina Marie Chazal. While in High School Gauguin dreamed of pursuing his goals however he went another route and, joined the marine at age seventeen, and later joined the Navy whilst later returning to Paris. He had seen his first sight of painting is 1874. He had early training with Art considering he lived with Gustave Arosa who was a wealthy art patron and collector after the death of his father. In the early 1890’s he abandoned his…show more content…
The colored women are looking in a direction not paying attention to the artist, and she is holding a fruit. The fruit is significant to this picture seemingly because the people of Tahiti was fruitful and there was a variety of fruit everywhere on the island. The brushstroke is light and dark in some places, overall it looks smooth. There are small details in the dress of the women to show the lines in her dress. He gives her lips a bright pink to stand out from the picture. This woman is important to Gauguin and she is one of his very first paintings in the 1800s. Vincent Van Gogh painting sunflowers, the year of 1888. Van Gogh was a major contribution to Paul Gauguin life where their friendship blossomed and they started an art colony. Van Gogh and Gauguin uphill battle of a friendship lead to a split of ways and Gauguin ending with this painting. This horizontal oil on canvas shows powerful, expressive colors in his style of modern painting. The subtle colors of a dusty brown, red, blue, orange and purple emphasize the picture as a whole. Gauguin simplified design and emotion made him an unbelievable, talented different painter. The brushstroke looks flat washed with a hint of blending on the flowers and suits coat. There is no empty space in the painting and the colors fill up the entirety of the painting. The painting has a regular feeling as if Van Gogh was just sitting there and Gauguin found amazement in that. Gauguin does
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