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Quirky Indeed A Review of Paul Jennings’ “A Dozen Bloomin’ Roses” Paul Jennings’ “A Dozen Bloomin’ Roses” is an effective and well written short story. It is part of a larger text called Quirky Tales which is part of the “Un” series written by Paul Jennings. It is a ghost story that may mistake for a sad romance as it contains death, shyness, unrequited love and bullies. The author uses a device called misdirection which makes you think one thing deliberately. Along with this, Paul Jennings’ effective use of language techniques leaves the reader with a striking imagery in their minds. But the things that stand out most for me are Paul Jennings’ clever use of characterisation and the interesting storyline. The story is written in first…show more content…
He looked at me as if he wished I wasn’t there.” Why is that? What is making poor Gerald so embarrassed? After reading a sentence full of suspense like; “I should tell you here what I found out later at the funeral” we readers start to ask inquisitive questions such as- whose funeral? And what is it that the narrator knows that we don’t? What’s written in the card of the flowers? Later when the narrator leaves to go home on the train he notices that shy Gerald is in his carriage. This isn’t a problem until the character recognises that Scouse a “skinhead” bully is also in the same carriage. Being a mean bully who preys on weaker kids, Scouse makes his way towards Gerald, who is trying to hide bunch of roses behind his back. Will the narrator step in for Gerald? When will this mysterious character be revealed? Find out what the catch is by reading this exclusive, electrifying and twisting short story by Paul Jennings. As a reader, I have enjoyed reading Paul Jennings’ “A Dozen Bloomin’ Roses” and was left in awe at the end. I was really shocked and astonished and after reading through the story again I couldn’t believe how cleverly Paul Jennings’ had constructed this short story. I recommend this story to people of all ages and especially anyone who is interested in romance and mystery. It is quiet a short story and is perfect to read on a train trip to work or school. I rate “A Dozen Bloomin’ Roses” four out of five stars because of the way it is

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