Paul Mccartney 's Contributions Of The Beatles Essay

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Paul McCartney was born June 18, 1942, in Liverpool, England. His contribution in the Beatles in the 1960s helped pop music ascend from its origins in the entertainment business and morphed it into a highly respected creative commercial art form. He also remains as one of the most prominent solo performers of all time in terms of both recordings at his concerts and sales of his attendants.

Sir James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942, in Liverpool, England, to James and Mary McCartney. His father was a cotton salesman, who would often play the piano with a local jazz band his mother was a maternity nurse. As a labor man’s child he grew up in a traditional working-class family, similar to later bandmates of the Beatles George Harrison and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr). An early tragedy happened when Paul was just fourteen years old, his mother died. Her death was linked to complications after a mastectomy. McCartney’s later band member, John Lennon, also suffered the loss of his mother at an early age—a connection that Paul would later point to as the start of a close bond between the two musicians.
He was inspired by his father to explore different musical instruments, Paul initiated his lifelong love affair with music as a young kid growing up in Liverpool. Although he took proper music lessons as a kid, he found it easier to learn by ear, teaching himself the Spanish guitar, piano and trumpet. The teenaged musician met John Lennon in 1957 at a church festival where
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