Paul Smith’s College Capstone Project Handbook

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PAUL SMITH’S COLLEGE CAPSTONE PROJECT HANDBOOK Table of Contents Section I General Information Capstone Project Mentor Responsibilities Sample of Capstone Mentor Agreement Capstone Project Journal Format Preparation and Guidelines for the Capstone Project Proposal APA Format for Citations & References Guidelines for Funding Capstone Projects Guidelines for Capstone Project Written Report Suggestions for Oral Presentations Format for Mini-Abstracts 2-6 7-8 9 10 11 - 16 17 - 21 22 – 23 24 - 29 30 - 32 33 Section II Capstone Project Forms - available on Web site Proposed Topic Mentor Information Mentor Agreement Project Funding Request Project Proposal Signature Sheet Project Report Signature Sheet Mentor/Student Separation Application…show more content…
The mentor is primarily responsible for supervising the student’s progress on the Capstone Project, however an evaluation team comprised of the mentor, Capstone Coordinator, and a representative from the student’s academic division will assess the written report and the oral presentation. Peer-evaluations will also be included for students working on group projects. Deadlines for required submissions will be strictly enforced. Final reports submitted after the deadline will be considered late, and may not be accepted by the evaluating team. If accepted, a penalty may be assessed. Mentors The mentor will serve as the student’s supervisor for the Capstone Project, and is influential in maintaining the quality of the Capstone learning experience. While a mentor, as well as other individuals, will be resources the student may use in the development of the Capstone Project, the student is responsible for satisfying the established standards required for the successful completion of the project. Specific mentor responsibilities are described separately in the Handbook. Due to the time commitment required for effective mentoring, it is recommended that mentors initiate working with no more than three individual student projects or two student group projects in an academic year. Students should spend some time talking with individuals they
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