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Captain Paul Watson Paul Watson was born the 2nd of December/ 1950, now at days he is 62 years old. Captain Paul is a Canadian animal rights and environmental activist, who founded (1977) and is president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action group devoted to marine conservation. Now at days Paul has only 1 child, his daughter's name is Lilliolani Paula Lum who was born in 1980, her mother is Watson's first wife, Starlet Lum. Years later he married Lisa DiStefano, his second wife, who was a former model and also Sea Shepherd's Director of Operations during the Makah anti-whaling campaigns in Friday Harbor. His third wife, Allison Lance, is an animal rights activist and a volunteer crew member of Sea Shepherd. EARLY…show more content…
4. Dutch authorities refused to hand him over to Norwegian authorities although he did spend 80 days in detention in the Netherlands pending a ruling on extradition before being released. 5. Watson had to leave Iceland after disabling two ships in harbor and turning himself in to the Icelandic police. Kristjan Loftsson of Iceland's largest whaling company told The New Yorker Magazine that Watson is a ‘’persona non grata’’ in that country. 6. In April 2010, the Japanese Coast Guard obtained an arrest warrant for Watson "...on suspicion of ordering sabotage activities against Japan's whaling fleet’’, and Interpol has listed him as wanted at the request of Japan. The blue notice asks national police forces to provide information on Watson's whereabouts and activities, but does not seek an arrest. The blue notice has been replaced by a red notice. Categories of offense are described as "Life and health, vandalism/damage". 7. In May 2012, Watson was detained by German authorities after he arrived at the Frankfurt Airport based on a request from the government of Costa Rica. The charge stemmed from an altercation in 2002 in which Sea Shepherd contends that the other vessel was shark finning in Guatemalan waters. Members of the other involved ship said that Sea Shepherd was trying to kill them. Watson was charged with violating navigational regulations. The conflict took place during filming for the documentary Sharkwater. 8. On May 21, Watson was

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