Paul Williams Autobiography

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I am Paul Williams and it is currently the 2nd of May in the year 2017. I am a 28-year-old caucasian male who lives in Downey California, I am light complected and I have blue eyes and have light brown hair and I am around 5´9 in height. I was born with a skeletal deformity which causes me to limp as I walk. It was a cold windy day when I was last seen at the park and had been kidnapped. It has been three days since I've been kidnapped I do not know where I am at, I see nothing but pitch black. It seems to me that I am in an abandoned place. There is a really bad smell like garbage and when I touch the walls I am trapped in they feel very slimy and slippery. The kidnappers have not come into check if I am still alive therefore I feel like they're trying to kill me. The only taste I've had in my mouth for the past three days is the taste of dryness. I have tried to get around where they have me hostage but it is so dark I cannot even walk without falling. I hear people's voices speaking loudly but never get to see anyone. The place where I am at also smells like cigarettes and alcohol. Even though I couldn't see the mess where I was at I was…show more content…
I heard the door shut and felt like I was alone, it was still pitch black so I was not sure of it. As the time passed it began to get hotter as if I were in a sauna, I began to sweat and panic. After approximately thirty minutes he had come back in the room but I didn’t just hear one but two voices speaking, I was not able to understand what they were discussing, all I heard was mumbling. As I was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation before I could hear anything they had begun to drag me to another place I was not sure of. I began to wonder why I was not able to see anything but pitch black until I had remembered something very important. I was so caught up with being very frightened that I had forgotten that I was born without my
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