Paul 's Life And Ministry

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Paul’s Life and Ministry There is much to be learned from the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. Far from ordinary, within the scope of God’s purpose was the selection of a man who would be chiefly responsible for carrying out the postresurrection commission of Jesus to the Twelve by proclaiming the fulfilment of the promise of Abraham (McRay, 2003). This man was Paul of Tarsus (Gal. 1:15-16), who’s story is one of redemption in Christ coupled with a testimony that no one is beyond the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Paul’s early life
Paul, who was actually named Saul was born and spent his earliest years in the Diaspora, the dispersion of the Jews outside the borders of the Holy Land (McRay, 2003). He was from a devout Jewish family that residing in the city of Tarsus in Cilicia, which at the time was considered as one of the largest trade centers on the Mediterranean coast. Not much is known as to how Paul’s family became Roman citizens, but Paul himself was identified as a “born citizen” (Acts 22:27-28). However, his lineage can be traced to the Hebrew tribe of Benjamin. In addition to being associated with the tribe of Benjamin, the family had a history of religious devoutness. For the family’s religious devoutness was further revealed when traces of extensive attachment to Pharisaic traditions and observation throughout the generations were unveiled (Gundry, 1970).
Apart from family lineage information very little was revealed in the Bible about…
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