Paula Rodriguez Jimenez. Sociology 207. Professor James

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Paula Rodriguez Jimenez
Sociology 207
Professor James Clift
February 23, 2017

Death Penalty Historically, the death sentence was often handled with torture, and executions, except that it was done in public. In this century, the death penalty, execution or capital punishment, whatever you’d like to refer it as, is the result for committing capital crimes or capital offences and it is not in public. The death penalty has been practiced by most societies in the past, as a punishment for criminals, and political or religious dissidents. Despite the fact that many countries have negated the death penalty, over half of the world 's population live in nations where executions still take place, such as China, India, the United States and
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While, innocent people are being sentenced to jail time and put on death row because of errors in the criminal justice system. It has been frequently argued that the death penalty leads to a failure and misuse of justice by wrongfully executing an innocent person. Many people have been announced innocent victims of the death penalty. Improper procedure may also result in unfair executions. Since 1973, more than 150 people have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. California being the state with the biggest amount of death row prisoners since April (2015) with 746. People that support the death penalty argued that death penalty is righteously justified when enforced in murder especially with disturbing elements such as for multiple murder, child murder, serial killing, torture murder, mass murder, terrorism, massacre or genocide. It is said that the death penalty for murder is and should be "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". A study by Professor Michael Radelet and Traci Lacock of the University of Colorado recently made, found that 88% of the nation’s leading criminologists do not believe the death penalty is an effective way to stop crime. The study by Lacock
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