Paulo Freire: ‘Banking’ Concept of Education

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Paulo Freire is saying that the teacher-student relationship is poor because of the fact that the teacher is just narrating about the subject of which the students are just listening and are not really involved. Freire is knowledgeable on the subject that the teacher is narrating, but the students are having troubles understanding the narration because of the words that the teacher speak of being foreign to them. If the teacher would go more into detail about the subject and not just lecture about a portion of the subject but get the students involved, they would not feel so alienated on the subject. Students can’t learn much just by memorization and repeating what they see or hear such as, “four times four is sixteen; the capital of …show more content…
The banking concept for the adult students may prevent them from considering reality critically. Part of the banking concept is “humanism,” which cover ups or masks the effect upon people which then turns them into “automatons–the into a negation of their ontological vocation to be more fully human.” Once again that is why it’s most important to learn from the whole perspective and not just the one-sided banking concept. Thus if we all are taught in the automaton way the world is un fulfilling compared to the teaching theory of the humanism way.
Many educators either do not know or do not care, that they are educating the students based upon the banking concept, thereby only dehumanizing those students. They appear to not realize that certain “deposits” have contradictions regarding reality. I believe that they are not knowing that they are teaching their students a poorly one-sided teaching method. Thus, we need to figure out a conventual way to educate the teachers in a new teaching format.

When passive students finally identify these contradictions they “turn against their domestication and then attempt to domesticate reality. They discover through true experience that their life is “irreconcilable” with their goal to become truly human. They learn through living with reality that is a process of constant change,
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