Paulo Freire Banking Method

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A Student’s Needs: Combining the Banking and Problem-posing Concepts The relationship between the teacher and the student can be associated with two different methods of learning. Paulo Freire suggests the “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education”, in which the teacher “fills the account” of the student with information and knowledge they have (318). Freire also explains the concept of “problem posing” learning that contradicts the “banking” concept. This way helps the student become more involved with their education, and they are able to become a more well-rounded student. But Freire ignores to add any supporting detail to his points based on how a student feels about each method of education. Determining the best way of an education is all…show more content…
But not every student is the same. Some students may find it easier to use the “banking” concept for their way of learning. It all depends on which learning environment the student is more comfortable in. Also, I believe that it depends on which type of class the student is taking. From my experiences, I have noticed that both methods have worked for retaining the necessary knowledge, but each method is best used for different subjects. For more of the memorization type classes, like math and history, I would learn more from the banking concept because those classes are mostly about remembering and memorizing certain formulas and dates in history. Any other way of remembering those math formulas and history dates wouldn’t be as effective. Even as young children we would learn the alphabet and words through memorization. At that young age the children are not mature enough to go through learning by the problem-posing method, they need to use the banking concept. But as for the subjects like the physical sciences, students would benefit more from the problem-posing method. Being involved and actually experiencing how the sciences work is much more beneficial than being lectured on the information. Freire strongly disagrees with the “banking” concept of learning and he believes that it should not be used for education. Instead, he believes that the “problem posing” concept will let the students become a
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