Paulo Freire's Model of Education Essay

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Paulo Freire's Model of Education

Paulo Freire, and educator from Brazil, preached a style of learning that raised many questions and confrontations. He spoke of rising to the needs of the oppressed and our duty to give them the education they need to succeed. He believed in having the poor rise together and make themselves known. He saw it as the job of those who are educated to take to the impoverished and enlighten them by means of an equal, one on one relationship, where dialogue is stressed. He also saw the importance of venturing into the world and gaining life experience. All of these components represent the Freireian model of education, a style being noted by many top educators.
Freire's model of education includes
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This is an excellent idea, however, if teachers simply talk to the students and ignore any feedback they might have, students are going to be unprepared when the time comes for them to manipulate that information. However, if teachers would lean more towards Freire's model of an equal interaction between student and teacher, students would be more likely to have already had the opportunity to apply the information they've received and give it back to the teacher in their own words, helping them to understand it better.
Freire also places an emphasis on helping those who have been oppressed since he believes their education has been most ignored. He talks of how those who are poor, or plagued by oppression, should unite, since unity will help them achieve a sense of empowerment faster than their individual voices. Standing alone and trying to forge a new path towards enlightenment, one they've been denied for so long, would most likely only cause them more harm than good. It is only with the force of a group that they will achieve their goals, be noticed, and in turn benefit from the new found awareness society will have.
Freire realizes that his ideas are not understood by everyone when he says, "Workers also understand my work, as well as those who have some experience of oppression. But I acknowledge there might be a problem of
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