Paul´s Death in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

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World War I caused devastation for millions of people around the globe and was one of the most brutal wars ever in history. All Quiet on the Western Front, an account of the atrocity of World War I by Erich Maria Remarque, shows the trials and tribulations faced by soldiers each and every day. Much like it is today, war was glorified, and many young men, including the naïve 19­year old German Paul Bauman, around the globe enlisted in the army, only to find out what a dreadful mistake it was later on. After seeing the mindless killings of millions, it makes the human race question whether war is really the logical way to solve the problems that plague the war today. What did the killing of over a million young men in the World War I…show more content…
In the early parts of the 20th century, scientists had developed weapons that were more devastating and had greater range, which makes Paul and the rest of his compatriots doomed. In general, as weapons have become more and more destructive there has been an increase in both human violence and the number of deaths around the world due to wars. In World War I, the sudden increase in the power of weapons led to a huge loss of human life. There is a scene where Paul looks across the battlefield after yet another brutal battle, and he notices that “everybody [they] see their is dead” (11.209). Never before had weapons been able to wipe out entire sections of an army. Diseases like “dysentery, influenza, [and] typhus” were also massive killers in the first world war (11.209). The presence of such deadly diseases combined with the soldiers living in close proximity and highly inept doctors was a fatal combination. It is only until recently that scientists have managed to come up with a technique to cope with diseases like typhoid fever. Whether it is a bullet or dysentery, soldiers hardly stood a chance of managing to get through the entire war alive.
The mental challenges also made it very difficult for the soldiers to try and get past the war. The brutality of the war would often cause soldiers to disconnect with the people around them, since those people would not be able to fathom the horrifying things that they had seen on the
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