Paul's Missionary Journeys and Epistle Correlates

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Paul's Missionary Journeys and Epistle Correlates The missionary journeys of Paul cover a major portion of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles (commonly shortened to Acts). Acts demonstrates, at least in part, how the journeys relate to the writing of the Epistles or letters to various congregations that needed encouragement or some other word from Paul, and when they were written. The three journeys happened in close relation to one another and were meant to spread the Gospel message to the unsaved and encourage those who had come to believe on the Son of Man. The letters were written as an inspiration from the Father to further the understanding of believers regarding the perfect life of a Christian. This papers describes in short form the three missionary journeys of Paul and how they relate, chronologically, to Paul's writing of the epistles. Missionary Journeys The first element of the journeys was who traveled with Paul. He went on the first with Barnabas and Mark. Barnabas was regarded as a coworker and Mark as an apprentice or helper according to Niswonger (1992, 209). The second journey was much longer, as concerns distance, but did not take as much time and was accomplished with Silas. The third journey is a solo one apparently (McGee, 1998). The approximate dates of the three journeys are First from 45 AD to 47 AD, Second from 51 AD to 53 AD and Third from 54 AD to 58 AD (McGee, 1998). Of course all of these dates are somewhat speculative, but they are

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