Paul's Theoretical Analysis

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Pauls personal experience when using cleaning products displays a broad image that we aren't aware of the chemicals used in our household. The text states, “I turned the bottles every which way but found nothing other than references to harsh-sounding materials like bleach, ammonia, chlorine, and the ever-present “disinfectant.” With cereal boxes detailing everything from trans fats to soluble fiber, I expected there to be some description of what I would be spraying on my countertops (Para.5).” Paul uses her personal experience which shows the process when searching for ingredients on cleaning products is both frustrating and difficult. It is expected that food consumed by people have information on nutrition such as fats and fibers so why not expect the same for the products used to clean our houses.…show more content…
It is not easy to get a hold of the ingredients of this either (Para. 6).” The actions taken by the FDA and manufacturing companies is clear proof that they cannot be trusted. There are no limits, and as a result, dangerous chemicals placed in products can be used blindly. The article expresses the concept that “Companies say they conceal ingredients to maintain trade secrets (Para.7).” This is not reassuring customers that products used are safe for
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