Paul's Trip To Boston

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In a bitter fight in cold November, Paul left home. His mother closed the door behind him. His father didn’t know that he left until the weekend, when a neighbour finally called to let him know. He hadn’t seen his son in three years anyway. So, sixteen years old and with nothing but a suitcase and three hundred dollars, Paul caught a train to Boston, because he knew that New York was too far. Paul got a job as a dishwasher, then as a waiter, then as a host, and finally, through a combination of luck, sharp with and good timing, Paul became the manager. That took eighteen years. Paul turned thirty-four in the company of his fiancé and several good friends that he made. His mother saw the date on the calendar, but she didn’t send a card. Even if she had bought one, she…show more content…
As a treat to himself and his fiancé, Paul bought tow tickets to London that summer. It would be his first time off the continent, indeed is first trip of notable distance since he caught the train to Boston. The trip was a wonderful experience for Paul, but he didn’t feel entirely right. Paul had stability, love, money, friends, but it was in London that he found the missing piece of himself. He went alone to an enormous museum in the city (his fiancé preferred to shop that day). He was impressed by the paintings, and mystified by
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