Pauls Understanding of Holy Spirit Essays

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Coming to class today did you guys see anything beautiful? Maybe it was a car. Perhaps a work of art made of glass. Maybe it was jewelry or it is was a flower. If it is really beautiful, you tend to look at it from every direction to appreciate each aspect of it. It just feels good to take in all of the beauty, and satisfying to your senses. Well, I feel that way about the Holy Spirit, how the Holy Spirit leads in our life with an emphasis on His physical direction, how the Holy Spirit leads us spiritually is simply beautiful. Wouldn’t you say? Are you being led by the Spirit? Are you in the Spirit? Does the Spirit dwell in you? It is certainly important for you to be able to answer yes to these questions, but just saying so is not…show more content…
Verses 31-39 depict Paul’s spontaneous praise in response to the security of the believers and the certainty of God’s intentions and promises. “The theme of chapter 8 is the Holy Spirit. Until this point there have only been two mentions of the spirit in Romans.”(Hughes) To begin with, in this epistle, Paul deals with the gospel in terms of its nature, its basis, its necessity, and its outworking. Paul is not communicating or writing to a church he has founded or visited, but to a Christ based church he desires to be apart of in the future. Paul is not writing to address and validate specific problems but to provide this group of believers with a solid foundation, a foundation for their Christian lives and for his future ministry among them. Also, take note that throughout Romans 8 Paul does not give commands, but exhortations. He speaks in regards to the Christian’s obligations. The apostle Paul’s teaching is more in terms of principles than certain practices. Paul’s teachings are based on the assurance of the salvation of the Christians, their possession of the Spirit and the assurance of their sanctification. Paul does not try to encourage the Christian to trust and obey out of unbelief or fear but out of confidence, assurance and gratitude for what God has done and will do in the mere future. If you look closely you will note that the term “spirit” occurs 19 times in the King James Version and 18 times in the NASB. The Holy Spirit
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