Paving the Way for the American Revolution Essay

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The American Revolution paved the way for democratic rule in nations and ignited the spreading of the idea throughout the whole world. However, the events that led up the spark of the revolution have been varied in their importance by historians. Some historians believed that the revolution was an external event whose primary cause was the political differences between the colonists and their British rulers. While others, were more concerned with the economic and social aspects of the American Revolution. Two profound professors, T.H Breen and Carl Delger, take their stance in the selections on this prolonged debate.
T. H. Breen preserves that colonists experience with their mother country as consumers provided them with the resources that was needed to develop the question of how the American colonists were able to solve their individual welfares and adopt a mutual reason. One hardship when establishing mutual trust was unity without a common foundation due to being spread out. Communities would not have a reason to trust one another with the economic source and their need of goods. As Breen continued he argued that goods became the foundation of trust, for one’s sacrifice of the pleasures of the market was a clear point of revolting and allegiance.
Breen made some powerful argument in this article that promoted his ideals excellently. The statement “Commercial rituals of shared sacrifice provided a means to educate and energize a dispersed populace. These events…