Pax Mongola

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Some of the curing methods used involved rubbing onions or traditional herbs on the boil with an attempt to cure the disease. The plague, given the name Black Death, wiped almost a quarter of the entire Europe’s population. It was alleged that approximately thirty million citizens both children and adults died during the deadly plague due to lack of medication. However, all the medication attempts by doctors proved futile. The plague did not select who to kill and who to spare, as long as you were diagnosed with the disease, the chances of surviving were very slim.
In China where the disease originated from, it was estimated that close to ten million innocent lives were lost during the deadly plague. Today, with advancement in technology doctors have special machines and highly equipped laboratory where they carry out daily research on measures of controlling and preventing such kind of diseases. In fact, there exist very few diseases that are incurable in the world in the twenty-first. Those that are incurable, researches are carried out on a daily basis to find cures. During the rea of emperor Mongol, there was no modern medicine, no
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First, there was the Pax Mongolica which was a period of people among all the people who were under the rule of Mongol. During this peace treaty period, the skill road trading routes between China and Europe were reopened promoting cultural exchange. The expansion of the Mongol emperor contributed immensely in the unification of Russia. Initially, Russians were subdivided into various self-governing city-states. In order to break from the Mongol reign, the Russians joined hands and started working in unison. It was the Mongols who introduced the deadly Chinese inventions to Europe; gunpowder and guns. The invention of the fighting weapons revolutionized the fighting tactics in the European
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