Pay For Performance Is Not A Recent Idea. The Concept That

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Pay for performance is not a recent idea. The concept that an employee receives pay for the quality of work that he or she has accomplished is seen in many areas of business. Pay for performance is the reason a customer may pay more for a certain mechanic to fix his or her vehicle than he or she would for another. The customer considers the completed work and pays more for the better job. Many teachers now think that they should have the same system of payment. While many have experienced pay for performance before, those in academics have discussed and tested the establishment of pay for performance for teachers, also known as merit pay, for generations in many areas of the world (Brewer, et al 46-47). Because one teacher has a higher…show more content…
Though the need was great, if the teacher was not justly competent and thoroughly capable of providing students with a complete and full instruction, many considered the education worthless. So began what would be a 30 year climb with merit pay. The system was not to last however, and failed mostly due to the cheating that tempted teachers. (Brewer, et al). Canada also made an attempt lasting only a few years in the 1870’s, and America caught the merit system bug by the early 1900’s. Since the first try, Americans have attempted the system numerous times (Brewer, et al 46). Each system failed due to many different reasons including cheating the grades, avoiding those students who struggle, teacher individualism, and jealousy (Brewer, et al 47). As seen in the history of the merit pay system, one can assume the reasons that it is constantly reinvented and reattempted must be either vast or have far more benefits than downfalls. The affected parties involved in the merit system are parents, students, and teachers. For the parents, the benefits may include higher success rate for his or her student, a more involved teacher, and/or the ability to find the best teacher based education and environment into which to place their child. The student may experience more available assistance for his or her questions, as well as an overall better understanding of core subjects (math, reading,
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