Pay Gap Between Men And Women Essay

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I am a 10th, almost 11th, grader at the San Diego Jewish academy. For my final project in history class we were told to write a business letter regarding a topic that we find very problematic in our society. As a teenager who is going to get a job soon, I am especially aware of a major problem in our society, the wage gap between men and women.

Since you have a good chance of becoming the next president of the United States, I would like to know what you would do to even out the wage gap between genders. I’ve seen online that you think to have equal pay for men and women they should work as hard, and I agree with that statement one hundred percent. It’s very similar to article 23.2 in the universal declaration of human rights. The article states that “Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.” It’s crazy to think that this is one of the worlds human rights and it’s being violated in America, the land of the free, everyday. I know this is not your fault but I would like you to help change it.

The wage gap has been a problem since forever.
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Seventy percent of all teachers are women and yet men still get a higher pay. Major companies such as Microsoft, Adidas and Wal-Mart also discriminate. Back in 2001 six women filed a lawsuit because many men, who have been working at the company for many less years then them, got higher management positions at Wal-Mart. These ladies have been working very hard at the company for many more years then these men who just showed up and were given the jobs the intended to recieve. This problem also influences female celebrities. One of the many female celebrities included in this topic that has talked out about it is Jennifer Lawrence. If women could equal pay and the same amount of equal opportunities as men this could all be avoided. We need to overcome and conquer this issue so we can focus our attention on even more important
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