Pay Parental Leave : Is It A Necessity?

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Devoree Peace Amanda Morris ENG 101 10/17/16 Paid Parental Leave: Is it a necessity? Are the 6-12 weeks of paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers as well as adoptive parents more beneficial or harmful? Most parents believe that paid parental leave for both the birth or adoption of a baby should be considered a right. However, many also argue that this paid time off should be seen as a privilege, and an unnecessary privilege at that. How crucial are those first 6-12 weeks for both new parents as well as the baby? There are arguments that if you cannot avoid to take the time off, you cannot afford the care behind raising a child. Although there may not be a black and white, yes or no answer, because everyone has their own opinions, there is a line we can get at least get close to as to whether or not this is really a necessity or if it is not necessary for these new parents and children. There is more evidence that paid parental leave would be beneficial to both mother and child than there is evidence that it would be harmful to our economy, however there are proposed downsides in making paid parental leave a requirement in the U.S. Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of parental leave is “time that a parent is allowed to spend away from work to take care of his or her baby” (Cambridge Dictionary). In an article on the Huffington Post written by Chris Spurlock, who is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, he discusses how shocking the rates of paid
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