Paychecks: A Short Story

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As Jill and Carl started their new job at the bank they thought that everything would be great and awesome until they met their new boss Bill. Bill was a big pain in the butt he yelled at everyone and he occasionally stole money out of his employees paychecks and from people's deposits at the bank. One day he stole from the wrong people, Jill and Carl. Bill was used to the people he robbed just cowering down and taking his garbage without fighting back, but Jill and Carl were not like that. Jill said to Carl, “I can’t believe that punk boss stole money out of our hard earned paychecks.”
Carl said ,”Let's teach that sucker not to steal from innocent people to save a few bucks.”
She brought up the idea that they make a move to get back what's
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They spot the dim yellow light shining under the door at the end of the long dark room. As they start to walk they notice that the door is way bigger than they had expected. Once they come get close to the large metal door they see that it is the door to a huge safe that is being locked by a huge lock. Carl grabs the handle and pulls as hard as he can on the door and it swings open to reveal a large room with a lone briefcase in the middle.
Carl asks Jill, “what do you think is in there.”
Jill said, “ I don’t know i guess we have to find out.”
They start to walk towards the briefcase while watching out for any traps that might be in the vault. When Jill pops open the top to the briefcase she reveals bricks of gold lying on the briefcase. Jill shuts the briefcase and lifts it off the table and a siren starts screaming over the whole home. Carl screams, “We have to get out of
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They start to sprint even faster trying to escape the long cellar. The flames begin to shoot out atthe entry of the long cellar and engulf the opening of the cellar. They are sprinting as fast as they possibly can while the walls are about to completley surround them. Both of them jump through the burning door out to the yard.
Carl screams, “lets get out of here the cops are probabaly on the way.”
They run back to the car and dart off to a hotel incase the cops come and look for them. The next morning Jill drops off Carl at his house and he gets ready to go to work.
As he starts his day at work he sees Bill talking to a detective in his office and looking at security tapes. When Carl saw this his heart dropped to the floor and he slowly walked to his car. As soon as he opened the door he sees the cops run after him and they catch up to him and pin him to the car. He has to go to jail but they never could find Jill. Jill had driven off with all the money and now she lives in a mansion. The
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