Paychecks for Playmakers?

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The crowd at the University of Phoenix stadium grew antsy as Cam Newton took the snap from shot gun and handed the ball off to University of Auburn running back Michael Dyer. Dyer tucked the hand off into his right hand, shuffled right to avoid his blocking lineman, and lunged past a University of Oregon defender just as he was being wrapped up by another Oregon linebacker. The linebacker spun Dyer in an attempt to wrestle him to the ground but somehow, in a feat of extreme effort, balance, and body control, Dyer went from being parallel to and almost touching the ground for a mere four yard gain to regaining his feet and continuing his run for a total gain of thirty seven yards. (CHICAGOSUPERFAN). Such a display is rare and extremely…show more content…
Without this payment, these athletes are merely workers for their institutions who get no compensation - a bit like free labor or dare to say slavery don’t you think? On the other side of this heated exchange are the pundits who say that college athletes are amateurs and are already being paid in terms of their scholarship. Mind you that a vast majority of the opposition have never played college athletics themselves so they wouldn’t know what it is like to be in the shoes of an athlete who has a full scholarship, and even though that scholarship covers tuition, books, meals, housing, and other related costs, it does not cover the extra costs that make up a part of the student-athlete’s life such as money to provide food for the athlete’s little sibling back home who would otherwise be fed if the athlete was working instead of playing sports, and money to support a child which some athletes may have. (Sturgill). So to be clear, a scholarship is nice and all but no matter how much of a “full ride” or “all inclusive” it is, it doesn’t cover everything. All in all, the fact of the matter here is that the NCAA is a widely matured money making machine with thousands of athletes being the motor powering it to newer heights. Even with this, it seems like all the components - the schools, patrons, fans, coaches, etc. - are profiting, all but

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