Paying Attention Pays Off for Andra Rush

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1. As we have discussed, competency models describe the behaviors and skills managers need to exhibit if an organization is to be successful. Consider the general competencies found in Figure 7.3 and apply these to Andra Rush, providing examples of how these competencies apply. “Competency models describe the behaviors and skills managers need to exhibit if an organization is to be successful” (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, p. 252). In many organizations, competency models can differ between the different hierarchies of managers. As a person’s leadership role evolves so do the behaviors and skills he or she must possess to be an effective leader. This statement holds firm as with the case of Andra Rush. Throughout the case study,…show more content…
Rush also showed adaptability which is the ability to confidently adapt and adjust to changes and challenges; and the ability to maintain a positive outlook and work constructively under pressure. She followed through with the idea of forming a trucking company by borrowing monies to purchase trucks, accepting every job offer, answering the phones, budgeting the books, and repairing the trucks. This is also evident by the fact Rush can lead a large trucking company, but also community organizations. Both have different leadership styles which she has to properly adjust to. Another competency displayed by Rush is customer focus which is maintaining a clear focus on customer needs and demonstrating a strong desire to provide exemplary customer service; and actively seeks ways to increase customer satisfaction. With the formation of the company, Rush accepted every shipping job, even if she had to drive the trucks herself. She pays attention and exceeds customer’s expectations regardless of circumstances. Such as the case of when local bridges were shutdown during September 11th attacks, Rush made a crucial shipment by renting a barge. 2. How does the Leadership Pipeline apply to Andra Rush? The Leadership Pipeline is a useful model for explaining where leaders need to spend their time, what they should be focusing on, what they should be letting go, and the

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