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College sports are big money makers now a days. For most universities, the athletic department serves as one of the main sources of cash flow. Athletes are used to create millions of dollars for the NCAA and the schools that they participate in, and never receive a penny. If we are talking about profit, if all bonds with the university were removed, an athletic department representing itself could compete with some of the most successful companies. So, why does the most important parts of the machine, the players, do not receive any money for their training and participation? The answer lies in the NCAA which keeps all the money and their practice of keeping all the revenue for future use. College athletes should be paid for their …show more content…
This leaves basically give no time to earn money. The way life is for a student athlete is very different from what a regular student’s life is. A student-athlete is required to attend practice for 10 to 20 hours per week which is around 4 hours a day, traveling to games everywhere throughout the season, and at the same time, having to deal with the same amount of academic work as regular students. Everyone who is against paying student-athletes rely on the fact that they get paid through scholarships, so apparently they're already getting paid. Yes, a scholarship indeed is a form of compensation. A scholarship is good to have, but it is not enough to go through life as a student-athlete. A scholarship will not cover the bills. Not only that but, unlike regular students without athletics, student-athletes must also most of the time take care of their families and spouses. Believe it or not many student athletes are married, and most of the athletes married have children. The students which don’t have spouses or children, most of them have to care for parents and siblings. Universities would not get financially hurt if they would decide to pay players just a little. The average Division One School profits around $6 million per year only on football and basketball. Universities like University of Florida or University of Michigan have profits of more than $10 million per year on all their

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