Paying College Athletes

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College sports also known as the greatest source of entertainment known to man this era. There are several types of sports ranging from non- physical to the most physical contact sports. Each sport takes sacrifice and dedication to be able to perform at your best knows matter what level. The NCAA is a million dollar business that lets student athletes show their athletic ability and skill toward other individuals. That is the main reason for the creation of collegiate sports, but not to downside the meaning of entertainment. Controversy of paying these athletes is a big deal at the moment. There have been many scandals of athletes receiving direct pay under the table that is not included in their financial aid or scholarship. Paying the…show more content…
Paying these amateurs does not seem too bad of an idea but it has more cons then pros. The National Collegiate Athletic Association formed in 1905 set laws stating that “college student-athletes to be amateurs in order to be eligible for intercollegiate athletics competition” (Raymond). These rules are made not to be broken and to protect. According to the NCAA “college student-athletes to be amateurs protect them from being exploited by professional and commercial enterprises” (Raymond).Collegiate athletics have changed vividly over the past hundred years. Currently college athletics generate a tremendous amount money especially football and basketball players. Students have to understand even though they see their coaches, general managers and other individual gaining money from their work they have to understand that they are working to surpass their earnings. Most of the time if the athletes are good enough they will make three times as much as there coaches and trainers do. A lot of athletes have the benefit of having alumni that have moved on to the professional level and that gives them an edge to make it to the next level unlike the average person. “Hart-Nibbrig & Cottingham (1986) termed the current influx of revenue into intercollegiate athletics as corporate athleticism” (Raymond). We live in the present day where we look for anything to make a profit off of but illegal activity is not acceptable. There has been multiple cases where

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