Paying Pirate Demands Essay

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When many people think of pirates they think of the fictitious Hollywood films that depict the animated characters that have shaped our perception of pirates today. The reality of the situation is that pirates are very real and have emerged as a major threat to the maritime industry as well as ship owners and national economies alike. Although the threat of piracy has yet to receive the attention that many feel it deserves, piracy has increasingly affected the way in which the maritime industry conducts business with other countries in many ways. Piracy not only affects the involved nations both economically and politically, it also contributes to ship owners’ overall cost structures as well as day to day operations. We will discuss…show more content…
When very few measures to defend against piracy are implemented, it simply encourages piracy across the world because there is essentially less risk associated with it. Due to the attractiveness of piracy, there has been an overall trend of a drastically increasing amount of pirate attacks and attempts. In the year 2000, worldwide piracy attacks that were reported to the International Maritime Bureau totaled 469 separate incidents, which was an increase of 56% when compared to the previous year’s figures (Rosenberg). This graph by David Rosenberg visually depicts this trend of an exponential increase in piracy reporting from 1978-2000: Although laws do exist, such as the U.S.-Led Resolution 1851, that deem piracy illegal and authorize states and governments to take action against pirate attacks, they have been very ineffective in deterring pirate attacks (Alessi, 2012). As the government led initiatives are ineffective in preventing piracy from occurring, ship owners are faced with very tough ethical decisions when determining how to mitigate risk associated with pirate attacks. Many of the questions they face tackle issues of whether or not to reroute their shipments to avoid the pirating hot spots, how they can best train and protect their crew to keep them safe, and if they do become victim of a pirate attack, is it best to pay the ransom to the
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