Paying Student Athletes Research Paper

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Whether student athletes deserve more than they are currently receiving for playing sports for their respective schools, has turned into a controversial issue in college sports. Some argue student athletes already receive enough because their education is paid for, they receive meals, and receive other accommodations. While some believe these young athletes are putting their future’s on the line and risk injury. Also, they make so much money for the program they play for (through ticket and jersey sales), that it is unfair for them not to receive a share of the financial pie. The main purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of the economic feasibility of paying collegiate athletes and to also determine if athletes should be compensated more than…show more content…
Student athletes are able to do this on top of receiving financial aid, and receiving many amenities that the public is unaware of. A recent investigation was conducted and the average amount of goods and services that a Division I basketball player received was approximately $120,000 (Miller, 2012). The author concludes that it does not seem practical to pay collegiate athletes. There are too many barriers to keep programs from doing this. Athletic departments do not generate the needed funds to do so, and as a result trying to pay athletes could lead to the termination of programs. Paying student athletes could also result in losing the charm currently associated with college sports, by turning it into somewhat of a business. I agree with the author when deciding whether paying student athletes is appropriate. These kids are already receiving tuition, room and board, and other amenities. They are compensated far enough. However, the author does bring up an idea worthy of further research; the idea of money laundring. This money could be added to scholarship packages, and it would be tax exempt with no labor laws
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