Paying Students for Grades

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Should students be paid for having good grades? It’s a question that many students from high school ask to his parents or even teacher, and many persons including students oppose to the idea saying that it’s a privilege that kids and teen can go to school, but expert says that when people expect a reward they do everything to reach that reward, that’s why people search for an better job where they can earn more money than another one or they do everything so their bosses can give them more money, so if a student’s expect money as reward they will do anything to reach a better grade. Of course, sometime students will do bad thing to reach this but first we are going to talk about the good side. Students will give everything to reach a better grade; they will put more attention in classes, will do their homework and also will do the best in their individual work and also their team work. The money will be the motivation, because for being honest some students only care passing their classes with the lower grade like 6 or 7 or some students also leaves the schools because they don’t care , with this students will still going to school. With the money students will learn the value of money and also start saving for their things like video games, clothes or anything that the student want, they will also help to their parents to pay the school if is need, and also they will buy school material like books, notebooks pencil or pens, and also students will buy the class material
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