Paying for Higher Education Essay

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College is a necessary part of higher education for many reasons. Though college may be expensive and time consuming, there is no way to get a degree without it. People may be able to learn without having to go to college but college is fundamental to getting a piece of paper that says you went and achieved a degree after years of hard work. However college is not meant for everyone, in some cases people are not able to function in a college setting so they turn to alternative forms of education. In most cases people that cannot function in a college setting did not do well in high school whether it is because of laziness or just the lack of know how. College is something that is something that is very necessary given our current economy…show more content…
There are also plenty of scholar ships available for all kinds of people. According to the Campus Computing Project “More than 90% of community college presidents said enrollment was up in January from the previous year, and 86% reported an increase in fulltime students.” (Block) People that are going to community colleges are obtaining a degree or doing their core classes. The idea of getting an associate’s degree is much wiser because when you get an associate’s degree your classes are locked in and must be accepted by 4 year universities. This makes transferring from a two year college to a four year college. But something that also comes with an associate’s degree is the possibility to start your employment in your ideal field. Not to mention that by having an associate’s degree you are more likely to get hired for any job. Studies show that the current unemployment rate is 7.2% that is an overall rating. So it is important that people are able to find work, and the easiest way to make sure people are going to be good employees is by looking at their history. Most places will chose someone with more experience and education than someone fresh off the streets. By having an associate’s degree it shows that this person is dedicated and serious enough to finish two years in college. That reflects on the person’s responsibility, punctuality, and that person’s work ethic. Studies show that six out of ten people
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