Payment Of College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Payment of College Athletes Yes! The team you were going for has won their game and those pricey tickets you bought were worth it. A ticket for a win was your reward, but what was their reward? From the NCAA thinking these athletes should not be getting paid for something that’s considered fun, to the different aspect when you see them playing on the court. Somewhere between these lines the controversy of whether or not a college athlete should get paid comes about. On average, an American working full time, will work between 8 AM- 5 PM 5 days out of the week. If a college student is spending over 40 hours on just practicing for sports a week, going to 10-15 hours of class weekly and trying to find a job that pays enough to help him or her survive through his or her courses, how would it be expected to make it through college and trying to make time for his or her work to have money in your pocket? That 's not including the hours of studying him or her would have to put in for quizzes, exams, tests and even having to do homework. It seems nearly impossible to actually make ends meet if you do not have enough hours out of the day to go to work, and make money so you buy the necessities needed especially if you are living in a dorm. The NCAA has had debates before of whether or not they believe college athletes should get paid because often most of the students have been or are covered with scholarships that cover fees, meal plans and their tuition. Even though the

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