Payment Options And / Or Methods At Ryerson University

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Payment options and/or methods at Ryerson University Introduction Problem: Ryerson does not accept up-to-date methods of payment and does not allow students in residence to allocate their food, laundry and “Campus Funds” spending according to their preference/priorities. Scope: The majority of the people addressed are mainly limited to students, faculty and staff at Ryerson, with a primary focus on student life, especially financial proceedings within the campus. As most students are transitioning from secondary to post-secondary institutions into the professional field. A greater emphasis has been placed on the payment options along with the latest technology that should be available on campus at Ryerson. Purpose: This report is going…show more content…
at the Ted Rogers School of Management regarding the financial responsibility, knowledge and insight that comes with obtaining a credit card has lead to the closing section of this report. Issues and Concerns A. Payment options are not flexible at Ryerson as: • OneCard loading machines accept only $5, $10 and $20 bills The bills used must also be new and absolutely unwrinkled. These being the only amounts accepted, one cannot deposit any other value. For example, if you only needed to load $7 into your card, it would be an issue. • Pitman Café only accepts Cash and the OneCard. • Ryerson Eats markets how eating fast-food is extremely unhealthy and is therefore offering students at Ryerson to eat healthy on-campus. However, since they do not accept anything but cash and the OneCard, payment options are limited for them. • The dining hall at the International Living and Learning Centre (ILLC), Oakham Café and several other Ryerson Eats locations do not accept credit cards. Meal-plan money is not accepted at the Campus Store or for Campus Funds. Various services such as printing, vending machines etc. Given that: a) The meal-plans for students in residence is mandatory and pretty expensive b) There are very little options available to them in terms of food despite there being over six hundred competing eateries and dining locations with much lower prices all over

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