Payments under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts

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52.232-5 Payments under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts. The government should pay the contractor the exact contract price as specified in the contract. The government should also pay the contractor monthly precisely as specified in contract, or, if not monthly, according to details of contract as along as the work meets the details of quality that have been established by the Contracting Officer and are delineated in the contract. The Contractor's requests for progress payment needs to meet the following requirements:an itemization of the amounts requested related to the various elements of work covered and outlined by the contract; details of the amount included for each work performed by each subcontractor; A record of the total amount of each subcontract; record of previous amounts paid to each subcontractor; and additional relevant information. In other words, the records should obtain information regarding payment and requested payment of each contractor and all relevant details of the money spent and requested. When preparing estimates, the Contractor may also authorize details of preparatory work and material delivered on the site. Work material delivered to other sites may also be included in assessment of payment records as long as: consideration for this other material were originally taken into account by the contract and the contractor shows that this material is necessary for fulfilling the requirements that have been delineated by the contract.
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