Payroll Accounting : Payroll Income Accounting

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Payroll Accountant Payroll Accountants in simplified terms are the ones who takes care of the checking accounts for the businesses. They send out checks in a timely manner, track benefits, overtime and who is hired or fired. They calculate and distribute wages and salaries and withholdings to employees. They use timesheets,paychecks and a payroll ledgers. The payroll account records the employee 's compensation relative to wages, commissions, taxes, insurances, and benefits. The expected job growth for payroll accounts are projected to be around 13% The average salary for a payroll accounting rounds around to be 50,000 lowest is 35,000 and highest is 68,000 and average hours worked per week are around 45 hours more or less. According to payscale the average year of experience is 10-20 years or more for most payroll accounts and that the female population dominates the payroll accounting career. With more experience in the payroll accounting career the higher the chance of getting a higher pay. A Payroll accountant will need to know the knowledge of accounting theory,concepts,methods, and techniques for applying them to payroll accounting transaction. Probleming solving skills and knowledge of math is also a required skill. Some classes that will be taken are taxation, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and strategic cost analysis. To get hired for being a payroll account the minimum you will need is a bachelor’s degree but an associate 's degree can be sufficient
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