Payroll Cuts and the Maintenance of Morale

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This is especially true when dramatic cost-cutting changes are demanded and even more so when these changes center on employee payroll. For personnel, financial compensation simultaneously represents a demonstration of the companies valuation of one's services and a critical means for individual survival. Thus, when payroll cuts must occur, there will inherently be negative consequences in the areas of motivation and morale. The research here will investigate these negative consequences with an emphasis on how best to keep morale at an acceptable level and to keep employees engaged in their work.

Problem Statement: The problem at the center of the proposed research is the contradiction between the need to conduct payroll cuts, hour cuts and workload increases while simultaneously maintaining high morale and productivity.

Research Purpose: The purpose of the research is to reconcile the clear dilemma for management which must find a solution that is both effective in cutting costs and in maintaining the commitment, loyalty and engagement of personnel.
Research Question:

Data Collection Methods: Data will be collected using a Likert Scale structured survey, to be administered to personnel within a firm and centering on…

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