Payroll System And The Human Resource Management System

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Payroll systems in organizations are often computerized. According to Devansh (2011), payroll systems are usually one of the first systems to be computerized. The system is computerized in order to obtain accurate results and provide information during auditing processes. Employees of the payroll department should be able to view employees data but shouldn’t be able to add, delete or modify the data. The timesheet of employees received from the personnel department can be viewed but should not be able to be edited by employees of the payroll department. Data Types Most Human Resources (HR) professionals have this believe that that it’s the job of the IT department to keep their files and records secured, but the HR professionals are…show more content…
While the payroll department deals with data types such as employee’s bank account information, pay rate, pay period, pension plans, tax records, and health related records. Internal Control Employing the appropriate IT controls will ensure access to various functions and sensitive data are limited. Based on the company’s policy, management must decide the type of information that should be available to the HR department. Caterinicchia (2005) stated that management should screen the HR personnel and anyone else who will be given access to personal employee information to ensure they always portray good code of ethics. A proxy system should also be implemented to ensure every employee trying to assess data within the system is authorized and has the right privileges before gaining access into the system. Policies should be created to prompt users to change their passwords periodically; this way, if an employee’s password has been maliciously learned probably by shoulder surfing, the password would not work the next time the malicious personnel tries to access the system. Furthermore, the life cycle of sensitive data should be well managed from its creation to destruction. Stored data should be encrypted all through till its retention period is over and it’s to be destroyed. Additionally, proper segregation of duties should be employed whereas more than one employee is required to complete
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