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CHAPTER 1 THE BACKGROUND AND ITS SETTING ➢ Introduction ➢ Background of the Study ➢ Problem Definition ➢ Significance of the Study ➢ Objective of the Study ➢ Scope and Delimitation CHAPTER 2 EXISTING SYSTEMS OVERVIEW ➢ Background of the Company ➢ Organizational Structure and its Function to the Organization ➢ Existing System Overview ➢ Analysis for Existing System Cost Show the ff: ▪ Labour Expense ▪ Utilities Expense ▪ Rent Expense ▪ Office Supplies Expense ➢ Data Flow Diagram CHAPTER 3 SYSTEM FINDINGS ➢ System Findings ➢ Software Development Cost ➢ Hardware Development Cost ➢ Analysis for Propose System Cost CHAPTER 4 SYSTEM…show more content…
Of course before we succeed in doing this system, we encounter a lot of problems and those are problems are not easy to solve like the calculation that we need to input to performed the right calculations in this system, we don’t know how much is the cost of the SSS, MED and the Other fees that we need to lessen in the salary of a employee. To solve these problems our group think some possibilities which help us to fulfil our project. First we asked some regular employees how much the cost of the SSS that their employer deducts in their salary. Our Second option is we search and surf the net to know the cost of following. Significance of the Study Payroll System is important to every company because any business that employed people will have to process those wages of the employee when they are due. In order to make sure that your payroll is processed correctly and accurately, you need a system which appropriate to your needs. That’s why this system exists. Payroll System is done by calculating how much each employee is owed, then making the appropriate deductions for tax, SSS pensions, etc. and sending those to the relevant tax offices. Then payslips need to be printed and issued to employees and the duplicate copy will be given to the administration or to the accounting department to record the transaction. Scope and Delimitation CHAPTER 2 Existing systems overview Background of the Company Last

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