Pb And J Sandwich Research Paper

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Goal: To purchase the required ingredients for a PB&J sandwich.
1) Locate the keys capable of unlocking and starting your vehicle and a $20 bill from your wallet. Place the $20 in your back left pocket for safekeeping.
2) Take hold of the keys and deliberately move in the direction of your car moving around and or opening any objects in your way. Be sure to replace and secure the objects such as doors to their original safe and locked setting as to protect your home while you are away.
3) As you arrive at your vehicle perform the action required to unlock your vehicle such as push the unlock button on your electronic key fob. Open the car door, sit down in the drivers seat, close the car door that you just entered in, and properly wear your seatbelt. Then perform the action required to start the engine that powers your vehicle such as placing your key in the ignition and turning the key properly until the engine has started.
4) Put your
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1) Go to the peanut butter that you have set aside on the counter.
2) Take your hands and twist the off the peanut butter lid in a counterclockwise motion using force as necessary in order to remove the lid to the peanut butter from it’s original secured pattern. Take this lid and throw it to the side of the peanut butter jar. If there is any safety plastic material take your hand and peel off this plastic material until it has come off so that you can access the peanut butter inside of the jar. All material at this point that is not edible nor part of the actual jar can be discarded to the side of the jar.
3) Go to the knife and pick up the knife with your right hand. The knife should be oriented so that some is at the top of the knife which is not sharp your fingers are grasping the shaft of the knife and the blade of the knife is pointing downwards.
4) With your left hand securely hold the peanut butter
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