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After graduating from UiTM, you and a group of friends have decided to start a business. Your first venture is a small trading company selling Product X and you are operating from a rented store in Shah Alam. Your products can either be purchased directly at the store or be delivered to customer upon receiving order via phone call or mail. For phone-order customers, the order form will be filled out by the sales person attending to their phone calls. As for mail-order customers, they can print the order form that can be downloaded from the company website. At present, the website contains only brief information about the company and products. Interested customers need to call customer service
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Discuss what could be the real problem if you find it to be the latter.

e) Develop project goals for each of the problem identified.

f) Compare the project goals with the systems request. Use the project goals to determine which part of the request goes beyond the scope of your project.

Systems Planning – Project Management

After finalizing the preliminary investigation, you meet with En. Rashdan again. The discussion lasts for an hour and at the end of the meeting you say to him “Rashdan, I want you to lead this project. I can see that you have all the qualities to become a good project manager. You may now start planning for the project activities”. En. Rashdan promises to get back to you the following day.

The next morning, you see a report on your table. It is from En. Rashdan. On one of the pages, you find a summary of the proposed project activities presented in a table as follows:

|A |Conduct interview |None |5 |
|B |Administer questionnaires |A |5 |
|C |Review documents |None |15 |
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