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The vibrant orange lights within the case shot on like a torch in the dark of a cave, illuminating the graphics card, motherboard, RAM sticks, SSD, fans, and CPU cooler. The inner workings of my creation, the structure, the bones and the guts of my self-built, brand new PC gaming computer. My journey to the world of PC building and gaming was exciting and I felt pride when my own creation came to life for the first time. I was on the road to my final stop in the gaming realm, PC gaming, where I plan to stay. I haven’t always been a PC gamer, since a young age I've had a connection with gaming as a hobby, one year I received a Gameboy advance for Christmas and thus began my love of all things digital. Every year it seemed a new game system would come out and I always managed to convince my parents to get me the latest toy. I’ve had many types of consoles over the years, including Xbox, PS3, and a Wii. The jump to PC gaming was influenced mainly by my friends who started to play more games on PC than consoles, so to join them, I needed to shift to PC…show more content…
It is like putting together a puzzle, the thought of building a computer can probably seem like a daunting task, but its amazingly simple and I figured it out just by watching YouTube videos. The most challenging part of a PC build is selecting the best parts that are right for you, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different parts to choose from and they are all not created equal. PCPartPicker is just one site for the task, they have all of the parts ever created on file and you can simply select which ones you want from all the choices; including graphics cards, motherboards, RAM sticks, SSDs, HDDs, coolers, cases, and even your peripherals. It took me several weeks to compile the list of parts I would need, some of my friends gave me advice and information on the best parts as well as the ones to stay away
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