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To: General Manager From: Consultant Date: January 30, 2012 Subject: PCL Control Sustainability Introduction PCL is a European consumer electronics and healthcare company that has recently entered China. They have a wide variety of televisions, DVD players, PC monitors, audio products and PC peripherals. PCL is able to compete within the consumer electronics market as they have low prices and a large network of distributors. PCL uses innovation to stay ahead of competitors and keep up with the latest technologies. PCL is currently in the growth stage and they need to maintain continuity. PCL organizational objective is to implement controls without having a detrimental effects on relationships with chain retailers and dealers. PCL…show more content…
Behavioural Controls Return Process In regards to the return policy set in place for the return of merchandise, only products that are deemed functionally defective are accepted. These returns must be returned within 15 days of purchase. In the short run, these action constraints were very effective solutions to the high return rate, however these behavioural controls must be analyzed in terms of tightness and sustainability. The action constraints put into place by the second cross-functional team are congruent with the organizational objective of enforcing a stricter return policy. At this point, the current action control system has a clear definition of actions and is understandable by the salespeople and the ASC. However, the current control system is not sustainable because it lacks completeness – there is very little action tracking. There is no incentive for an individual in the ASC team to properly inspect returned goods if accountability is unassigned. In consequence, a possible solution is to have all parties sign off on the customer return record, as the respective merchandise makes its way to the repair warehouse. This would include signatures from the salesperson that accepted the return, his/her supervisor, the cross-functional inspection team, and the respective member of the ASC. This not only adds accountability to the individual employee, but also provides a

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