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Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Jennifer P Coetzee PCN-505 May 18, 2016 Kendra Stewart Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Section 1: Counselor Values There are so many different views in opinions when it comes to the topic of abortion. There is the religious point that it is wrong to have an abortion because of the ten commandment that states “Thou shall not kill.” All have heard this one whether atheist or religious. People’s right to choose abortion or not has been questioned for many years, as congress officials have tried on many occasions to illegalize this right. Then there is the other side of this opinion where so many feel it is the woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. A lot of people see this as a…show more content…
I always felt that was punishment for the abortion. I would want someone thinking of making this decision all that I went through and other women as well, however in a situation like this where the women became pregnant from a rape, I do not know that I could disagree with her, unless I could talk to her about adoption, but I feel she may relive the rape in her mind every day that she is pregnant. This is a decision that only the woman can make, only she knows herself enough to make the right decision for her. Assisted suicide is something that is discussed a lot and also has many different views. In my opinion I do not think suicide is the answer in any situation. As a person who has suffered a loved one committing suicide this is something that is so hard on the family. I would probably suggest that this person go on hospice and allow death to occur naturally. I would explain to her that hospice will medicate her where she does not feel any of the pain. If she were to go that route it would give her time to be with her family and tell them things she wants to tell them. In the event this is not an option for her, I would have to support her decision in this choice. “Assisted dying describes (1) voluntary euthanasia, in which ‘a doctor intentionally kills a person by the administration of drugs’, and (2) physician-assisted suicide (PAS), whereby ‘a doctor helps a person to commit suicide by

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