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In this report, we analysed and evaluate the project management of the case: The case, The PCNet Project (A): Project Risk Management in an IT integration Project. We had look into the project definition phase of the PCNet project and discuss some of the problems that emerged during the project in relation to project definition phase. We also evaluated the role of the PCNet project manager and discussed some of the core skillsets demanded by the job role. The risk management aspect of the PCNet project was also studied in our report. Lastly we made recommendations to address the dilemma faced by Jack Muller, the project manager for the PCNet project.


The case, The PCNet Project (A):
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Figure 1.1 Project Life Cycle

Defining a project as well as the other three steps are imperative phases of the Project Life Cycle where they all assist the team in achieving the project goal. (Mcdonough, 2015). In this section, we will evaluate the project definition phase of the PCNet project and discussed some the problems that emerged during the project that could possibility caused by mismanagement at project definition phase.

1 Project Definition for IT Merger Project and PCNet Project

A good project scope points clearly to the expected end results and deliverables of the project. At the planning stage of the overall IT Merger Project, the project planning team had a common overall vision of “get $210 million in annual saving by consolidating the IT structure”. The PCNet project was a sub-project that shared this common overall vision. This overall vision was then systematically drilled down into detailed tasks and sub-projects with schedule carefully deliberated with the dependency of the projects and resources utilized being taken into considerations. A Gantt chart showing the schedule and dependency of task was then created (as shown in Exhibit 2 in the case). The PCNet project team adopted similar approach for project planning (as shown in Exhibit 4 in the
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